While I am very fortunate to have a social network of artists, colleagues, and supportive friends that I occasionally turn to for assistance, for the most part, JinWicked.com and all of my projects are a one-woman show. I am the independentest of the indie —

drawing • painting • comics (pencils/inks/colour/writing) • generalist and humourist writing • poetry • crafts • photography • audio/video recording • audio/video editing • makeup/wardrobe • advertising • marketing • graphic design • website design • website building and maintenance • accounting • taxes • customer contact • packing and shipping orders • convention/event scheduling • social media

— I do it all! I am committed to improving my abilities, developing skillsets, and exploring boundaries with every project. Though it is not easy, JinWicked.com is supplemented by, usually, part-time or full-time traditional employment, because this is not only something that I am passionate about, but because making art is who I am. I will not give up.

In service to my creative ambitions and spiritual well-being, I have adopted a minimalist lifestyle of self-restraint, limiting distractions, mindfulness, thrift, and anti-consumerism. Most of my income is dedicated to modest living expenses, business expenses, business travel, or savings. When you contribute to JinWicked.com, you are helping me to invest in my future, my continued growth as a human being, and the causes I support.

All of my content hosted directly on JinWicked.com is always served to you 100% free of unsolicited pop-ups and third-party advertising. Whether you have enjoyed my content for ten minutes, ten hours, ten months, or ten years, please consider making a financial contribution to my work using one of the options on this page.


Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where you can contribute to my work on a monthly schedule. Depending upon the amount pledged, you may receive exclusive access to my weekly progress blog/vlogs, read new comics a week or more early, see new completed artwork before the rest of the world, and be eligible to request custom sketches!

PayPal Monthly Contribution

PayPal Monthly Contribution

If you prefer to forgo Patreon and do not need access to the bonus content or incentives, please select the level you would like to pledge monthly from the drop-down menu below. There is no obligation and you may cancel your pledge at any time.

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PayPal One-Time Contribution

PayPal One-Time Contribution

Click the Buy Now button, enter the amount you wish to contribute in the Item Price area, and proceed with the payment process. Creating a PayPal account is not required for this option. You can also contribute using cheque or money order via snail mail.

Jennifer Miller
1043 Grand Ave #387
Saint Paul MN 55015

Amazon Wishlist

Some people prefer the transparency of knowing where their money is going, and for that, I have a public Amazon wishlist for gifts. While I have sworn off consumerism, I try to add to my wishlist either creative tools and supplies, necessities, or small things that make my day-to-day life easier. I politely request to not send things that are not included as part of the list. I donate things I cannot use to charity.

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